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Before proceeding with your booking at easyStorage, it’s essential to familiarise yourself with some key information. Take a moment to read through the following details to ensure a smooth experience.

Getting Ready

  • Protection of mattresses with a polythene cover is required (available for purchase from van)
  • Soft furnishings protection recommended (available for purchase from van)
  • Disconnect and drain all appliances before arrival

Access & returns

  • 2 working days’ notice is required for access or return delivery
  • Access/Inspection (Mon-Fri 09.00 to 16.00) requires 2 working days’ notice. The first hour is free

Charges & protection cover


  • Contracted base storage rate is guaranteed for 12 months
  • Return fees will be quoted at the time of booking your return
  • Free transport for returns within 10 miles. Additional mileage costs £6/mile (per van which is 3 pods)
  • Packing services and waiting time is charged at £80/hour
  • Dismantling service: £37.50 per item
  • No refunds for unused storage periods
  • Payments renew unless 2 clear working days’ notice given before next payment date

Protection cover

  • The Maximum Replacement Value you have selected must include all goods stored. The valuation should reflect the current replacement cost, allowing for age, condition and degree of use.
  • There are certain circumstances where we restrict or exclude liability and it is recommended you review our Terms and Conditions and PodProtect Addendum.
  • If you have confirmed to us that you have arranged your own insurance and NOT accepted PodProtect, our liability is limited to £40 per Item (defined as ‘the entire contents of a box, parcel, package, carton, case or similar container or any other object or thing that is moved, handled or stored by Us’) or £250 per Pod (whichever the lesser)
  • We charge an additional £50 claims administration fee for each successful claim. This amount will be deducted from the amount awarded following any successful claim
  • Soft furnishings such as but not limited to sofas, armchairs and mattresses that are not protected by polythene covers are not covered
  • Compressed-wood flat-pack furniture is not covered

Restrictions, excluded items & cancellations


  • Maximum weight per easyPod: 650kgs
  • Maximum length per easyPod: 2.25m
  • Notify us 2 clear working days ahead about oversized/overweight items for specialised services

Excluded items

  1. You are not permitted to submit certain items for removal or storage
  2. Please refer to the Excluded Items list contained in paragraph 12) c) of our Terms and Conditions


  • On the day collection cancellation: Full fixed loading fee and first month’s storage
  • On the day of return cancellation: Full fixed loading fee
  • Cancellation with less than 2 clear working days’ notice: £75 fee

Updated on 24/10/2023

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  1. Good day , it’s same level parking at property in drive

    As per when was collected …items will be unpacked in to property. ?


    1. Hi Clint

      Yes the Return service is the same as the Collection service.

      Best wishes

      Tim & the easyStorage team

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