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Boxes and packing materials

You are welcome to use your own boxes and packaging materials. However, if you would like to purchase any extra, we have affordable moving boxes, packaging materials and accessories available at easyStorageBoxes.com for next-day delivery. Please note that next-day delivery must be ordered before 13:00 Monday – Friday and is available for all orders for £18.

If you need any last-minute items during your collection, our drivers have a small selection of stock available to purchase on the day. Please remember that all mattresses must be protected with a polythene cover. These must be purchased from the driver on the day if you do not supply one. We also recommend that all soft furnishing is protected with covers.

easyStorage Boxes offers a range of ready-to-order moving kits for every customer ranging from students to first-time buyers or even families. They are multipacks that include a variety of sizes of heavy-duty cardboard boxes, durable packing tape, an easy-to-use packing tape gun and a permanent marker to label your items.

Updated on 22/11/2022
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