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How many units will I need?

Our storage units (easyPods) are 35 sq. ft each (3 sq. m, 6.5 cubic metres or 230 cubic ft). (The dimensions are 2.25m H x 1.5m W x 2m D) (or 7’5ft H x 4’8ft W x 6ft D.)

We have a clever Space Calculator which will be able to give you an estimate. Please note that there is a weight limit per easyPod of 650kg (as well as single items weighing over 100kg), and any items longer than 2.25m or 7’5ft will not fit inside an easyPod. If you think you may have some larger or heavier items, you can visit our oversized items page for more information.

If you are still unsure about how much space you need our Storage Solutions Specialists are the experts and are on hand to help.

Space Calculator

Our Space Calculator will be able to give you an estimate of how many storage units (easyPods) you will need. You can access it below or by visiting the page here: Space Calculator.

How the Space Calculator works

Below you can find a short video demonstrating how the Space Calculator can help you figure out how many easyPods you will need.

Updated on 22/11/2022
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