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How we look after your valuable possessions

All of our team are carefully picked professionals who’ve undergone background checks. This means that the people in charge of your items are careful and methodical when transporting and storing your items.

If you opt for our easyStorage crew to pack your items, we will ensure they are packed as safely as we can. For items you have packed beforehand, it’s up to you to ensure they have been packed correctly. We are happy to repack or re-wrap to ensure that everything can be transported and stored safely.

Once all your items are loaded, your storage unit/s (easyPod/s) will be closed at your premises and numbered security seals are added. Once the easyPod is loaded, take note of the unique numbers on our security seals or you can see them on your online account. This way you will be sure that no one has accessed your easyPod whilst in storage.

A video of a security seal being placed on an easyPod

We store easyPods stacked high in our depots and they are only accessible via forklift.

Although we do all we can to protect your items, mistakes do happen so for extra peace of mind we also recommend taking out insurance to cover the unlikely event of any damage to items.

Updated on 22/11/2022

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