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If you join the easyStorage partner network, you can refer your customers to easyStorage and be rewarded £50!

Please note that a company name is required to join the program and it is designed for professional use i.e. your clients, partners, or members. For our Refer a Friend scheme please visit:

How to sign up

  1. Go to the partner page and click on the box that says: ‘Join the network’
  1. Fill in your company email address in the pop-up and click ‘Continue’
  1. On the next page, you will see your personal referral link as well as a variation of ways to share it including Email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and QR-Code
  1. Confirm your account by clicking ‘Confirm your account now’
  1. Choose your password and click ‘Confirm your account”

Sign in

To sign in to your account go to, enter your details and click ‘Sign in’ as seen in the video below.

Your account

Once signed into your personalised referral account, you can:

  • See your referrals and how they are progressing on your Dashboard
  • View your Balance
  • Access and edit your account Settings
  • Get Help
  • Sign Out of your account

You can some demo versions of what these pages may look like in your account

Earn £50 per successful referral

Share your link with your customers and when the booking is completed your balance will increase!

The commission is paid directly to your bank account after the customer booking has been actualised. An actualised booking means that the storage booking has taken place.

Updated on 05/12/2022
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