Booking storage

Book online 24 hours a day or call our Storage Solutions Specialists on 01895 541322 during office hours. All you will need to do is provide us with your postcode, then confirm a few details such as the number of storage units (easyPods) and a collection date.

If you’re unsure of how much space you need, click here for guidance or access our space calculator here.

Things to think about before booking

There are a few things that you can decide before booking your storage with us to ensure your booking is as quick and easy as possible. Here are a few steps that we suggest you take before moving forward with your booking:

  1. Decide exactly what you need to store. This helps you decide how much space you need as well as what boxes and packing materials will be necessary. You can then use the space calculator to see how many units you may need.
  2. Think about if you will need a collection service or if would you prefer to transport your items to our depots yourself.
  3. Look at whether you will need insurance to protect your belongings and what level of cover you will want. When opting for insurance you will need to know the approximate value of all of your items.

How to book online

  1. Go to our booking page and enter the postcode you would like your items collected from and click continue.

If you receive an alert saying: “For service in your area please call 0333 016 4276”. It may mean we do not service your area yet, please give us a call on 01895 541322 and we may be able to assist you anyway.

  1. Scroll through the space options and click the green select button under your chosen option. (You can visit the space calculator for help figuring out how much space you need.)

Please note that these are demo images, prices will vary depending on locations.

  1. Fill in your contact details and collection details.
Promo code

If you have a promo code, you can add it in the summary section by clicking I have a promo code (under collection services and above pay today). Enter the code in the box and click apply to calculate your new total. If you receive an alert it may mean that this code has now expired.

  1. Choose your insurance plan by clicking on the box with the Insurance cover amount you require and write a description in the box below of what is being stored.
  1. Read through the summary to ensure the information is correct.

Remember to read through the summary to ensure the information is correct. You can see further information about the charges by hovering over the ⓘ symbol.

  1. Click Continue to checkout if you are ready to book.
Not ready to book yet?

Click ‘Email me this quote’ to get a copy of the details for later.

  1. You will be taken to the booking confirmation page.

Now you can set up your online account or simply wait for your confirmation email and start packing up your belongings ready for your storage collection.

Updated on 24/10/2023
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